Funeral and cremation services

  • Funeral/cremation arrangements according to the wishes of the deceased and the bereaved

  • Funeral/cremation cost estimations including financial advice

  • Preparing documentation for cremation

  • Repatriation from anywhere in the world

  • Placing obituary notices in newspapers

  • Funeral home facilities with accommodating viewing times

  • Coordinating services with clergy, cemeteries & crematoria

  • Organising funeral/wake catering; chairs, cups, water boilers etc.

  • Organising singers and musicians

  • Preparation, care and presentation of the deceased

  • Ordering flowers

  • Books of condolence

  • Provide order of service/mass booklet

  • Hearse and limousines

  • Horse-drawn hearse

  • Organising opening and closing of grave sites

  • Coffin lowering device

  • Audio facilities

  • Taking care of all the payments

  • Will-writing service

  • Liaising with solicitors and public bodies

Monuments, headstones and memorials

  • Preparing headstones

  • Renovation of existing headstones or memorials

  • Additional engraving of existing headstones or memorials

  • Selection of vases and grave markers

  • Ceramic flowers and silk flowers

  • Wooden grave markers and name plates

Prepaid Funeral Plans

With a prepaid funeral plan in place you can be sure that the stress and burden of your passing is lifted for family members and loved ones.

A prepaid funeral plan is paid for in full at the time of purchase, you can be reassured that no further payments will be required.

It gives you the chance to arrange the funeral, service and last wishes as you would like and it's becoming more and more common for individuals to prepare their own funerals. We can go over all the details and costs that are right for you. Not only does prepaying for your funeral alleviate the stress at an already difficult and emotional time for family members and loved ones, but individuals have found it gives them a greater feeling of peace knowing that everything has been taken care of.

Prearranged Funeral Plans

A prearranged funeral plan is identical to a prepaid funeral plan, except that the overall funeral costs has not been paid for. It helps you arrange your funeral and ensure your wishes are carried out just the same as a prepaid funeral. We keep your plan on file and provide a copy to your next of kin.

Payments would be made for your prearranged funeral after your passing by family or from your estate in the usual way.